Maslow knew it long ago, creativity it’s a human need

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I can not think of a better way to start making the case of creativity being not only an essential part of our existence but in fact a human need, than talking about Maslow and his pyramid of human needs.
The American psychologist Abraham Maslow created what is called the Maslow Pyramid of Human Needs in which he identifies the basic human necessities for survival, well being and motivation. In this diagram, he organized those needs from the most primordial and basic ones such as food, air, sleep, and sex to the most elevated ones such as self-actualization, in which creativity is amongst the factors included in this tier, which was at the very top of the pyramid before Maslow added self-transcendence.
As creativity is a human need we must try to engage with it in every possible way, every day of our life. Engage with creativity doesn’t necessarily mean stand in front of a canvas or sit in the piano, simple steps like a good read or simply listen to some good music are a good start to include creativity in your life.
Creativity as part of our self-actualization human need, like any other need, can not be left unsatisfied, it might not be essential for life as water, food or sex but neglected it can lead to a life of frustration, resentment, anxiety, and even depression. Without creativity, we are depriving our brain of an activity that is naturally wired to execute and it could result in a very unpleasant life.



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