Brain Gymnastics

Creativity Roots – Episode 3 – hosted by Ronald Paredes
I closed the previous episode with the claim that creativity makes us better human beings, which sounds a lot like self-help voodoo, since that’s not what we are doing here, in this episode we talk about what is the process taking place in our brain when we start engaging with creative work. I clarify that creativity is not exclusively what an artist produce but also what scientists or anybody in any other discipline or practice can use or do by innovating, by doing things differently and breaking patterns.
I also talk about how these activities that force the brain to step out of the comfort zone, to learn and to make new connections represent a way to keep our brain young and healthy.
Exciting news, our first creative feature it’s a powerful piece of poetry submitted by Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano Weldon, titled “I Speak These Words”. She is a Tampa, Florida native, a spoken word poet, writer, and educator. Krystal is slowly transpiring as a creative nonfiction writer, being published in St. Petersburg College’s newspaper The Sandbox, Saint Leo University’s book the Sandhill Review and University of Westminster runner-up winner for the 2017 Mental Health Poetry competition.
I hope you enjoy this episode and help you in your quest for creativity.
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