Embracing Failure

Failure can be either a perception or an attitude and it only happens in our brain and later it manifest in our life.
We must understand how failure was first implanted in our mind as a concept at a very early age, how it works in our perception and how the fear of it is one of the first and strongest creativity inhibitors. To overcome the fear of failure and redefine it’s meaning is one of the first and biggest steps in acknowledging our innate capacity of being creative.
Failure is a healthy and necessary part of any process that can not be avoided, the best way to deal with it is to set our mind with the fact that it will happen and that it must be embraced with an open mind. Only that attitude will allow us to learn from it and take advantage of the outcome to develop further.
The song played at the end of the episode is called “Nothingness” and it was composed and performed by the beautiful Empress Ellehcim, a multi-talented Micronesian artist, singer, and performer.

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