Define Your Success

success EP5
Creativity Roots – Episode 5 – hosted by Ronald Paredes
Success is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of our life. There are external factors that pretend to enforce on us an idea of success that is confusing and wrong, family, friends, partners, society, in general, make us believe that success is determined by wealth, possessions, fame, recognition, titles, diplomas, power and influence, and we grow up thinking these are the rights things to pursue in life, our goals, when in reality these should be the consequences of a life pursuing our real passion working to achieve those things that we really love.
I define success as the level of satisfaction or fulfillment you get from achieving the goals that you, and only you, have set up for your own life, whatever these might be.
It is important to define what is your personal idea of success and happiness and work with discipline and commitment to achieve those REAL life goals.
For the Creator featured this week we go once again with Empress Ellehcim, she introduces herself and explains her source of inspiration for her creative work and perform her song “Listen To My Lion”.



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  1. Thanks for all these useful reminders. Life gets so blurry sometimes and we make things extra complicated for ourselves. We do these hurtful things to ourselves. We forget everything is in us and not in the people around us. God bless us all!


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