Sabine Ichikawa Ph.D.

EP-6 Sabine Ichikawa - pic post

Conversation with Sabine Ichikawa Ph.D., researcher, conference speaker, developer of programs in luxury and creative industries in Europe & Asia

Sabine was educated in her natal Paris, France as a fashion designer, fresh out of design school she decided to follow an urge for experiencing how was the fashion design world in other countries, exploration process that would take her to Italy, UK, Japan, and China.
In the process, she understood the importance of designers stepping out of the comfort zone by going beyond the boundaries of their technical skills and expanding their knowledge to other areas such as finance, marketing, and management in order to empower their careers and have some real voice in their industry.
Now as researcher and educator at a higher level school of management, Sabine takes these long learned and lived experience to encourage students to take their careers to the next level by developing education programs designed to expand the perception of the students, encouraging them to connect with their identity and learning how to use all the resources available in their environment, to gain new perspectives and find fresh and creative solutions, she achieves this by implementing concepts and practices that at time could be considered unorthodox, which ranges from creativity exercises to meditation and QiGong practices among other mind-opening techniques.
Currently, Sabine Ichikawa is working on a research that focuses on identifying the resources and characteristics that make of the city of Shanghai a potential fashion capital and a creative city of international relevance.
Enjoy this interesting conversation with Sabine Ichikawa!



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  1. What a great interview👏! What a great woman 😁. She has so much to tell and to teach. She is really inspiring. Her students are lucky to have her… they will sure learn a lot! It was a pleasure to listen to this podcast! Thanks.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments, I’m glad that you enjoyed this conversation. Indeed Sabine is a great professional with so much to share, her students are really privileged. I think in the future I will have another conversation with her because 30 minutes is barely time enough to cover the surface of her knowledge. I will be having conversations with more interesting creative people with a lot to share, I hope you follow the podcasts that are coming and the invitation to submit creative work also extends to you! 🙂

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