Summary on Identity

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For the last 3 episodes, we have been talking about Identity, how important it is to develop a strong sense of identity and what could be the consequences of an identity crisis.
However, I think is important to summarize and give closure to this topic by emphasizing the most relevant points of these conversations.
We talked about how identity, is basically the system of idiosyncrasies that allows us to identify ourselves with our environment and create a sense of belonging, which is primordial for us as a highly social species. The studies about the effects of isolation in humans are plenty and easily accessible. However is not enough to be a part of a commune or a community, what is important is how well adapted and functioning we are in the social contexts of our community, what makes us fit.
Knowing this should make it easy for us to start working on creating our own identity, should be a matter of making a list of everything that surround us or we have been raised with and assume them as ours, however is not as simple as it sounds, for some reason a lot of people can not identify themselves with the culture they have been raised with, or the education, or the religion, or the political views. A lot of people expend their entire lives trying to find themselves, people who still struggle to identify who they really are, what is that treat that makes them special, embrace it and develop it.
Identity is not only about fitting, by developing a sense of identity we can understand what are we capable of, what are our limitations, but we can also determine what we really want in life, what we love or hate.
Although there are many of us with a series problem of identity, the good news is that Identity is a malleable aspect of our self-entity, we can shape it, adapt it and mold it to our convenience until we feel satisfied, the trick is in keep exploring,
You need to have a drive for exploration, is never too late to explore and rediscover who you are, keep your eyes open, be curious and inquisitive, don’t be afraid of asking questions, don’t feel ashamed for not knowing, instead feel ashamed for not wanting to know.
If you feel frustrated with your job, your marriage, your life, in general, it could be a sign that you haven’t identified who you really are, you have been letting other people or circumstances to make decisions for you, you have been contempt for whatever falls in your hands because probably you think that is what you deserve or because you don’t know how to break away from that mental trap that is keeping you down.
Take the time to explore and develop that identity. Identity is not a physical aspect that you can see in the mirror, once you really understand what your identity is that physical aspect turns completely irrelevant and becomes a vehicle for a higher purpose.
In episode 10 of The Creativity Roots Podcast, I mention an experiment about isolation called “In Solitary: The Anti Social Experiment” that you can find int he following the link:
The Vanuatu Women’s Water Music documentary directed by Tim Cole  can be found at
The creator this week was Gemini George performing his song Full Foolish Moon, find him on his website:

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