Antonino “Nino” Scordo Executive Chef

Conversation with Italian Executive Chef Nino Scordo

Nino promo

Listen to Chef Nino on Anchor

I was approached by Chef Nino while he was a looking for an artist who could create serving plates with hand painted replicas of Chinese painting belonging to the art collection of the Jinling Hotel in Nanjing. The idea is part of one of the experiences that Chef Nino creates for his customers at the Pacific restaurant.

Nino meet1

That meeting ended up with an invitation to enjoy some of the amazing dishes that Chef Nino “put together quickly” to illustrate the kind of food that he serves. Mashed potatoes that are not potatoes, fish eggs that taste nothing like it, pieces of meat with a texture that crumbles when cutting it and then melt in your mouth to later find out it wasn’t meat. If somebody would ask me what I was eating I could not tell exactly what I was served, the only word I could use to describe it is DELICIOUS!.

Nino meet2

Chef Nino is committed to creating this kind of reaction in those who taste his food, to use his own words, he wants people to “leave his restaurant with much more than a meal, he wants to create a lasting memory” and he does this by creating experiences where the food is the vehicle. By fooling your mind, mixing and playing with different tastes, textures, and sensations, by making you work on your plate to the point of inducing you to use your hands and licking your dessert out of the plate. The idea behind all this performance is to excite what he claims are “the seven senses” we all possess, adding thinking and emotion.

Chef Nino 3

A conversation with Chef Nino exposes not only his tremendous creativity but also his passion for what he does and his candid and down to earth personality which helps tremendously in his day to day practice.

Enjoy a video about Chef Nino at work, on my friend’s Youtube channel “Belleza en Positivo” with Grabriela Barrasso


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