Celebrating #InternationalPodcastDay



I consider myself being part of the luckiest generation of people, those who were born during the 60’s and 70’s because we were lucky enough to witness the transition from black and white TV to Color and all the technological advances that made possible that we can talk on the phone from our watch. Now we have at our disposal amazing technology that allows us with very little resources create and disseminate information in a way that is cheap, accessible and unlimited. We have total control which is absolutely amazing but also requires a level of ethics and responsibility that not everybody has.

By the time I create this post is September 30th, we are celebrating #InternationalPodcastDay and I think It’s a good day to think about the reasons why we started podcasting, obviously we all have something we think is worth saying, something we need to communicate, maybe we feel that we represent a group of people or an idea or maybe some of us find this a way to reach an audience and to entertain.

For many people the main reason to get in front of the microphone or in front of a camera is to get fame, likes, and followers, which in my opinion is the worst motivation for doing anything, I believe that instead, we should strive to create a legacy, we do that by creating good content, the kind of content that builds up, educate, inform, contributes, the kind of content that leavrs something behind.
Podcasting it’s rapidly becoming the fastest growing and very popular way of creating, spreading and consuming content. Here I leave you some updated facts about podcasting.

2018 Podcast Statistics

Infographic by podcastinsights.com


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