Building on Criticism

Ep13 graphic—Creativity-Roots—S1E13-e2c0c8

Have you ever being so afraid of being judged or criticized?
Criticism is one of the biggest inhibitors that we all face, in some cases, it can completely restrain you from expressing yourself.
The better we do in life, the more we seem to be exposed to judgment and criticism. For a confident person, with a healthy level of self-esteem and fully aware of their motivation and purpose, criticism could represent a source of valuable information and an opportunity for growth.
Criticism is a signal that there is some conventionalism that is being broken, it could mean that the work we are doing it’s having an impact, either negative or positive but there is something moving and changing, and changes sometimes make some people uncomfortable.
To take the most advantage of any kind of criticism I recommend:
* Never receive criticism with arrogance
* Be always firm on your goals and motivations
* Maintain your work aligned to the highest possible purpose
* Be open-minded and objective enough to listen and adjust but never compromise on your idea.


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