Reflections on Education

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Reflecting on my own experience teaching to a group of highly unmotivated and disengaged group of high schoolers who have turned this way as a result of being for several years under an educative regime that stifle their creativity and forced them to fit into standardized mentality while being confined in sterile classrooms that are not suited to offer the appropriate environment to nurture critical thinking, creativity, curiosity and much less motivation.
We claim we love our kids, we repeat to exhaustion how our kids are the future of humanity and yet we fail tremendously in giving them the education and the tools that will help them to develop into the adults that we need to create the future societies.
I see with great concern how the more economic resources the student have the more unattentive and challenging they become in many cases some of these students think they have the future guaranteed and with little effort they will get far, this kind of mentality is especially promoted by parents who overprotect and spoil their kids with easy access to money and material possessions regardless of their behavior.
We know this is wrong and yet we keep trusting the education of our kids to these institutions that very often care more about fulfilling a program than forming strong and critical individuals and even worse, we fail as a family by not providing to our children with the necessary values, principles, morals, and thirst for learning.
We have the answers to these issues, but do we have the will? As parents, teachers, and policymakers we have to question ourselves how are we educating our kids and what kind of adults we are rising.

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