Happy 90th Birthday Mickey Mouse

Creativity Flash Cards

90 years ago, on November 18th, 1928 Mickey Mouse made his official debut on TV in a short animation film called “Steamboat Willy. The result of one of the biggest and most inspired dreamer humanity will ever see, Walt Disney. That character was the very beginning of an empire that existed in Disney’s head and was made possible not as result of geniality, inspiration or talent, it was all due to perseverance, discipline, and enormous passion.
This is one of the best of examples of creativity being the fruit of effort, the result of a process that can be nurtured, developed and managed if you get a hold of how to do it. Is not about waiting for inspiration to descend on you from the universal source, is not talented people who are born with a special gift, is not even about being lucky or in the right place at the right time, its about developing the vision to predict how and where circumstances are moving a putting yourself in a position of advantage, by carefully observing and paying attention.
That is the biggest lesson that Walt Disney left, beyond the childhood dreams and the adorable characters he is the personification of a carefully crafted and disciplined creative process.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse 🙂


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