Love Induced Creativity

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At the moment of recording this podcast, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and what a perfect day to think about the effects that love have on us, especially when it comes to creativity, what is it about love that provokes in us that urge to express our love creatively. There a scientific reason to that and it has to do with a change produced in the way we think and most importantly in a disruption of our logical thinking process. Love drives us crazy and that is a wonderful thing.
If we are not very clear about what Valentine’s Day really is we can celebrate our loved ones, feel lucky to have them in our life and embrace the occasion to use that boost of love to produce creative work, remember that the best gesture is not always an expensive gift but rather an authentic and creative expression of love, write a song, make a painting or a sculpture or build a monument but most importantly appreciate your loved ones.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
In this episode, I cite a couple of articles. The first one, about the studies on our thinking process when we are in love published at with the title “Does Falling in Love Make Us More Creative?” , and the second one about how people involved in healthy relationships live longer, from the website of the Harvard Medical School  titled “Strengthen relationships for longer, healthier life”
I strongly recommend reading these interesting articles about love, relationships, creativity, and health.
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