Labor Day Episode – Follow Your Own Path

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It is terrible to spend your entire life frustrated stuck in a job that doesn’t motivate you only to wake up at 50 years old to find out that you have wasted your entire life and you don’t even know who you are and what you really want to do with your life.

This episode it’s a Labor Day tribute to all those who in these terrible circumstances are putting all their heart, passion, love, and expertise to keep us safe and helping us battle this terrible pandemic.

The closing song is called Ovation performed by Masterkhisis

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  1. Great job! I have difficulties sometimes about how help my daughter to get focus on what she really wants, sometimes the homework are funny but mostly is like a punishment, I feel frustrated somehow because I don’t know what to do! But then, I star to make the homework like a game and for some reason it helps but not all the times, specially with maths.
    I realise that she have talent for art, she loves to paint, to do little things with empty boxes or vessels, even sometimes she takes something from the bin just to try to recycle and convert it into a piece of art, so I try to motivate that in her, in some of my songs I used her drawings, Ovation is one, she got the talent but not the focus and I’m working on it without push her or make her feel stressed. Is not easy to be father.
    I wish to be a musician and a composer, and live from my work, but the world is so… mysterious sometimes and the need of growing is overwhelming and that’s why most of the people choose to be something else, just to get resources and be part of the society. I’m still working with my music, even when I was working as a butcher with my Dad. Even now when I’m working in a building site, I still have that goal… that dream.
    I feel scared as you, about those doctors who were forced to study something that they dislike or just because the incoming they will get after some years, I think the common thinking is to get more money, which is a great tool to live but not everything can be just money… there’s a lot of wealthy people who has died with this pandemic and money never could give them live back. Sad but true. Sorry Ronald I just got excited with this postcast, great to hear you and once again thanks for your support and that amazing work you do not even by painting those beautiful pictures but with all this, is great to know that somehow we have a voice in you, a mirror and a way to be heard and understood. And so as you, I feel proud to know there’s thousands of nurses and doctors and volunteers in the front battle. Which should make us think about the way they lived, the incoming they get by doing it… somehow it looks so wrong that some people get so much money and attention just for kicking a ball… when there’s so many people given their lives and risking them self to help others for a lot less. I think that everyone deserves to live in good condition and without many worries. Let’s hope for a change.


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