Cultural Appropriation


The Creativity Roots Podcast – Episode 28

Cultural appropriation its a controversy in its own term, culture doesn’t belong to anyone, it doesn’t have intellectual property so it can not be appropriated.
Culture is an ever-changing and developing entity in which we are all born, raised, and assimilated. Cultures or aspects of culture being reinterpreted, adapted, and used as a base for new expressions is only natural. When we prevent others from using some aspects of our culture we are isolating it, and a culture that is isolated is condemned to disappear.
We need to encourage cultural enrichment, diversity, and evolution by allowing people to use it as a springboard or their own creativity.
Music featured in this episode:
Gambia by Sona Jobarteh
Hona by Boubacar Traoré
Complementary videos and links:
Toronto gallery cancels exhibit of white artist’s paintings over complaints of cultural appropriation
Picasso’s African-influenced Period – 1907 to 1909
VCU student goes viral for response to cultural appropriation criticism
Can White people have dreadlocks?
Joe Rogan Rants About Cultural Appropriation “It’s stupid!”
What Defines Cultural Appropriation? | i-D
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