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Ronald 2018-19Ronald Paredes (mundosanto)

I’m a latin-american artist and graphic designer from Caracas, Venezuela.

I was born and raised in a family of painters and designers, which helped me to be in contact with the graphic arts from a very early age when I used to design logos and stationery with my dad to later develop a career in graphic design, art, and visual communication. I have a professional experience of 20+ years working as an “art and creative director” for advertising agencies and brand development projects, a career that has been always complemented with a personal interest in psychology and how the brain works.

I have the conviction that as a visual communicator and as an artist, the knowledge of the many aspects of how our brain works is absolutely essential to producing the most effective work. This interest has taken me into researching the nuances and intricacies of creativity and the problem-solving process.

Currently, I live in Nanjing, China where in addition to hosting The Creativity Roots Podcast, I’m also working on the manuscript of a book about creativity that I plan to publish in the near future, parallel with my work as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

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