Cultural Appropriation

The Creativity Roots Podcast - Episode 28 Cultural appropriation its a controversy in its own term, culture doesn’t belong to anyone, it doesn’t have intellectual property so it can not be appropriated. Culture is an ever-changing and developing entity in which we are all born, raised, and assimilated. Cultures or aspects of culture being reinterpreted,... Continue Reading →

Conversation with Brendan Davis filmmaker/podcaster

Brendan Davis is a filmmaker, producer, consultant, and prolific podcaster with three active podcasts, Big Fish in The Middle Kingdom, How China Works, and If I Knew You Better, additionally he is involved in current film projects which includes three movies and in the creation process of a TV series of his own inspiration.  ... Continue Reading →

Change Happens Within

 Creativity Roots - Episode 23 by Ronald Paredes The first quarter of 2020 has been completely overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic that took us all by surprise, disrupted our lives and created an economic crisis like we probably have never seen before. This situation has forced us to rethink our relationship with ourselves and... Continue Reading →

Conversation with Podcaster Stephanie Fuccio!cc9cc Stephanie Fuccio is a fellow podcaster, but not an ordinary one. She has made of her passion for podcasting, communication, connectivity, culture, and education an amazing mix that is already touching and influencing those who follow and listen to her with engaging, interesting and I might add, a continuous stream of online content. Stephanie... Continue Reading →

Stan Lee, young in mind and heart

  If we need to make a list of the most prolific, committed and disciplined creators of our lifetime Stan Lee would be at the very top. A man who still at the age of 95 was still capable of fantasizing and creating like a 10-year-old child would do, unlike many 10 years-old children nowadays.... Continue Reading →

The Summary Episode 1-5

After reaching the episode number five I want to make a summary of the topic we touched in the previous episodes to remind ourselves of those things that we know so well but we tend to take for granted, also for those who are landing into this thing and are starting to listen they will... Continue Reading →

Creations by “Failure”

In our 4th episode of The Creativity Roots Podcast, we touch on the subject of failure and how we should redefine it in our mind to appreciate it as a way to re-evaluate and reformulate things and use it as an opportunity to learn and develop, as long as we have the right mindset. Talking... Continue Reading →

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