Falling Victims of Ignorance

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The Creativity Roots Podcast – Episode 16 in Anchor

After all the tragic events that keep happening under our noses I can’t help to think that we have failed to ourselves, we have fallen victims of our own ignorance, our lack of education, our incapacity to sustain all the social battles that we fought and won in the past, because of our bad choices. Societal deceases like racism, inequality, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, intolerance, and the worst of all white supremacism, all signs of a great ignorance, fear, and manipulation.
When we educate ourselves and most importantly our children, we prevent falling for manipulations from populist and criminals, people with questionable characters that we have put in positions of power and influence.
We can’t keep failing to ourselves, we need to develop a generation of individuals with the capacity to make better choices, to analyze, discern, and understand the consequences of making decisions out of manipulation, disinformation, and ignorance.
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The creator this week is a guy called Don Draper and his upbeat and delightful song “Got U”
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