Gemini George

Armenian musician and songwriter featured in episode 10 and episode 19 of The Creativity Roots Podcast

Gemini George all

Gemini George is the product of a series of factors that are the core of everything that makes him the special individual he is. His strong sense of identity, his honest personality, and the feeling in his creations as an artist. I can talk about these factors because I have the immense pleasure of calling him a friend and I have witnessed them. The most recognizable and probably the most influential is his family, the powerful bond that glues this family together is simply inspiring, support, respect, and an indelible love are always very present. To that, it follows a very firm yet soft straightforwardness, George doesn’t keep anything to himself, he will speak his mind and heart to you without hesitation, treat that makes you trust him immediately because with him is all on the table, and finally his curious mind. Georges has no reserves in asking, exploring, trying new ways and failing well.

Listening to Gemini George is like a trip to nostalgia town, he is a purist of the music, a lover of the old school rock and roll who takes old ways of making music and makes it feels new and fresh, like a renaissance of the good old times when making music was not about mixing loops and computer editing but instead growing calluses in your fingertips and sweating over the lyrics and melody, something that many of us are missing and craving going back to. With his compositions, Gemini George is taking us all in an invitation to better times when discipline, dedication, and honesty were put in lyrics and music and you could feel it in your skin when you listen to his music.

Listen to some words from Gemini George about creativity, roots and god gift in our DNA.


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